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  • Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Atlantis

    Juin 2006
    Synthèse (en anglais) rédigée par Alun Salt sur le blog "Revise and Dissent" du History News Network. - A synthesis by Alun Salt on the blog "Revise and Dissent" on the History News Network.
  • Archaeological Haecceities

    Septembre 2010
    Johan Normark's neomaterialistic blog : Archaeology in theory and practice, Maya studies, climate, travels, and more
  • reason on retreat

    Janvier 2008
    Le dernier-né des blogs sceptiques sur les "pyramides" en bosnien - The most recent Bosnian-speaking sceptic blog about the "pyramids"
  • Bad Archaeology

    Bad Archaeology

    Août 2007
    Bad Archaeology is the brainchild of a couple of archaeologists who are fed up with the distorted view of the past that passes for knowledge in popular culture. We are unhappy that books written by people with no knowledge of real archaeology dominate the shelves at respectable bookshops. We do not appreciate news programmes that talk about ley lines (for example) as if they are real. In short, we are Angry Archaeologists.
  • Piramidalna prevara

    Août 2007
    Blog en bosnien membre de l'Anti-pyramid Web Ring - Bosnian blog by a member of the Anti-Pyramid Web Ring
  • Dr. Robert Schoch reports geology of Bosnia and Pyramids

    Novembre 2006
    Rapport (en anglais) du géologue Robert Schoch sur la géologie des pyramides bosniaques, réalisé suite à son séjour à Visoko durant l'été 2006. Sur le même site, voir aussi un article de Doug Weller, "Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence". - Geologist Robert Schoch's report about the Bosnian pyramids geology, made after his stay in Visoko during the summer in 2006. On the same website, see also a text by Doug Weller, "Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence".
  • PaleoBabble

    Janvier 2012
    Your antidote to cyber-twaddle and misguided research about the ancient world.

    Janvier 2012
    Jason Colavito is an author and editor based in Albany, NY. He is internationally recognized by scholars, literary theorists, and scientists for his pioneering work exploring the connections between science, pseudoscience, and speculative fiction.
  • Archaeology Magazine

    Juin 2006
    Daily archaeological news, plus abstracts and full-length articles from the current issue and back issues with exclusive online articles, interactive excavations, links, and more
  • R bloger 2

    Août 2007
    Nouveau blog de "R" - R's new blog
  • R bloger

    Juin 2006
    Blog de "R" (en bosniaque), "pour ceux qui ne veulent pas croire les menteurs". - Blog in Bosnian by "R", "for those who do not want to believe the liers".
  • A Blog Around The Clock - The Saga of the Bosnian Pyramid

    Juin 2006
    Blog (en anglais) de Bora Zivkovic - Bora Zivkovic's blog
  • Anthroslug the Much Put-Upon

    Janvier 2011
    Ce site ne comporte pas de descriptif...
  • The e-Pistles of Paul ©2010 A.D.

    Novembre 2012
    Paul Heinrich's blog about geoarchaeology and more
  • Svega pomalo

    Août 2007
    Blog anti-pyramides en bosnien, avec une série très intéressante de posts sur les récentes découvertes archéologiques "réelles" en Bosnie. - Bosnian anti-pyramids blog, with very interesting posts about the recent "real" archaeological discoveries in Bosnia.
  • PseudoArchaeology Research Archive (PARA)

    Octobre 2011
    Ressources académiques sur la pseudo-archéologie
  • otpor-stoko

    Août 2007
    Nouveau blog anti-pyramides en bosnien ; quelques analyses intéressantes et de l'humour. - New anti-pyramids Bosnian blog ; some interesting analyses and humorous texts.
  • – La ConoScienza Condivisa – Forum di Scienza Amatoriale

    Décembre 2012
    Eclisse,Astronomia,Forum di Scienza,Tecnologia,Tecnica,Come Funziona,2012,Nibiru,Assiriologia,Archeologia,Meteo,Geologia,News, Antibufala, Sbufalate e Truffe, Medical Area
  • Hot Cup of Joe

    Décembre 2007
    Blog de C Feagans, étudiant en anthropologie et archéologie ; on y trouve de nombreux articles sur la pseudo-archéologie, et un bon résumé de l'affaire des "pyramides" de Bosnie - Blog written by C Feagans, anthropology and archaeology student ; numerous articles about pseudo-archaeology, and a good summary of the Bosnian "pyramids" affair.
  • Ancient Near East : Just the Facts

    Mars 2013
    This blog will mostly be focused on the ancient Near East, including Egypt, Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, Babylonia, Nubia, Hatti, and Syro-Palestine. Of these Egypt is my favorite of all ancient civilizations, so pharaonic Egypt will often be emphasized. We might very well take detours also into ancient Greece and Rome and other peoples of the Mediterranean…and who knows, perhaps even Mesoamerica on occasion.
  • L’esprit des pierres

    Octobre 2007
    Blog de Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, spécialiste d'art rupestre
  • Archaeology Fantasies

    Octobre 2012
    Where Archaeology and Reality Meet !

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