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vendredi 9 octobre 2015

  • Tools Suggest Scotland Inhabited in the Ice Age
    READING, ENGLAND—A set of 12,000-year-old tools made by the Ahrensburgian culture were unearthed on the coastline of the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides. Tools of this style are usually found in mainland Europe, Denmark, and Sweden. Finding such Ice Age tools in Scotland suggests that the (...)

  • Remains of Conquistador Convoy Found in Mexico
    MEXICO CITY, MEXICO—In 1520, a Spanish-led supply convoy that may have consisted of as many as 550 people, including Cubans of African and Indian descent, women, and Indian allies of the Spaniards, was captured and taken to a town inhabited by the Aztec-allied Texcocanos, or Acolhuas. The town (...)

  • Viking Ring Fortress Will Be Excavated
    COPENHAGEN, DENMARK—Archaeologists from the Danish Castle Center and Aarhus University are preparing to begin the excavation of a fifth ring fortress discovered last year with drone technology. “With the use of modern archaeological methods the scientists and archaeologists will investigate how (...)

  • Graham Hancock's "Mysterious Universe" Pity Party
    Graham Hancock appeared on the Mysterious Universe podcast today (S14E15, October 9, 2015) to discuss his new book Magicians of the Gods, but in so doing he spent far more time on a subject apparently much more dear to him: himself. Hancock is feeling sorry that his wildly profitable books have (...)

  • L'Holocauste et le quota pour les réfugiés à Evian
    En septembre 1935, l'Allemagne adopte les lois de Nuremberg, la première loi sur la citoyenneté et une deuxième sur la protection du sang et de l'honneur allemand. Au terme de la première loi, les Juifs sont privés de leur droit à la citoyenneté allemande, tandis que la seconde loi réglemente qui est (...)

jeudi 8 octobre 2015

  • First Ancient African DNA Sequenced
    CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND—Science reports that the first prehistoric genome from Africa has been sequenced. The DNA was obtained from the inner ear bones of a 4,500-year-old skeleton discovered in Mota Cave by John and Kathryn Arthur of the University of South Florida. Located in the highlands of (...)

  • Did Neanderthals Bury Their Dead With Flowers?
    LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND—Graeme Barker of the University of Cambridge and Marta Fiacconi and Chris Hunt of Liverpool John Moores University have studied the pollen in Iraq’s Shanidar Cave. In the 1950s, French scientist Josette Leroi-Gourhan detected pollen in a 60,000-year-old Neanderthal grave in the (...)

  • “Princely Grave” Unearthed in Czech Republic
    NEZABYLICE, CZECH REPUBLIC—Archaeologists from Poland’s University of Rzeszów have uncovered the 2,000-year-old stone-lined grave of a young man in a cemetery discovered in 2010 by metal detectorists conducting an illegal search. The young man, thought to have been a member of the Marcomanni (...)

  • DNA Sequenced for New Zealand’s First Dog
    DUNEDIN, NEW ZEALAND—Karen Greig of the University of Otago has sequenced the entire mitochondrial genome of the kurī, a now-extinct small dog whose remains have been recovered from Wairau Bar, one of New Zealand’s earliest and most important Polynesian sites. The samples of mitochondrial DNA were (...)

  • Claim: Set of 8-Foot-Tall Giant Skeletons from 1400-1500 CE Found Near Cuenca, Ecuador
    It amazes me that every time there is a sensational “discovery” of giants, the trail back to the original sources quickly runs into a wall. Today Ancient Origins published a piece claiming that a set of skeletons measuring nearly eight feet tall were found 70 miles from Cuenca, Ecuador by a (...)

  • Kevin Randle on the Decline and Fall of Ufology and the SOM 1-01 Manual Fraud
    An interesting essay on the famous Kingman, Arizona, crash, the MJ-12 SOM 1-01 manual.

    U toku su aktivnosti za značajno obogaćenje turističke ponude gostima Fondacije “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca” prilikom njihovog boravka u Visokom. Naime, dr. Semir i Sabina Osmanagich su u procesu uknjiženja šest parcela ili oko 16.000 kvadratnih metara (16 dunuma) zemljišta u području (...)

    By: Dr. Sam Osmanagich Ph.D., Principal Investigator of the Bosnian Pyramid project At the five International Scientific Conferences on the Bosnian Pyramids held in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, experts have given interdisciplinary scientific explanations for the healing energy in the (...)

    Piše: dr. Semir Osmanagić U periodu 4.-6. oktobar 2015. boravio sam na studijskom putovanju u sjevernom španjolskom gradu Palencia. Razlog mog dolaska je bilo istraživanje hipoteze da su ovdje smještene prve piramide na tlu Španjolske. Tri uzvišenja Cerro de San Juanillo, Cerro del Otero i Barredo (...)

    Pronalazač bosanskih piramida dr. Semir Osmanagić gostovao je u sjevernom španjolskom gradu Palencia 5. oktobra 2015. On je održao dvoiposatno predavanje u gradskoj biblioteci “Biblioteca Publica del Estado” pred 60 zainteresiranih posjetilaca. Osmanagić je govorio o fenomenu piramida u svijetu i (...)

    Piše: dr. Semir Osmanagić Prilikom oktobarskog boravka u Španiji, odlučio sam se za jednodnevnu posjetu slabo poznatoj lokaciji Savassona u unutrašnjosti Katalonije, dva sata vožnje automobilom od višemilionske Barcelone. Priključio nam se i istraživač piramida Gabriel Silva, koji već dugo ima želju da (...)

mercredi 7 octobre 2015

  • Nineteenth-Century Chinese Warship Excavated
    BEIJING, CHINA—Underwater archaeologists have returned to the Yellow Sea and the wreckage of the Zhiyuan, a Chinese warship of the Beiyang Fleet that was sunk in 1894 by the Japanese navy during the first Sino-Japanese War. The team recovered an armor-piercing shell and a porthole, in addition (...)

  • Experiential Archaeology Class Recreates Ancient Ceramics
    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND—Johns Hopkins University has released Mysteries of the Kylix, a film that follows 13 undergraduate students who worked with a conservator and two potters to recreate the red-figure pottery drinking bowls crafted by Greek artisans between the sixth and fourth centuries B.C. (...)

  • New Thoughts on Human & Chimpanzee Locomotion
    STONY BROOK, NEW YORK—Modern humans and chimpanzees use their upper bodies in similar ways while walking, according to a study led by researchers from Stony Brook University. It had been thought that while walking on two legs, the chimpanzee torso—the area of the ribcage, belly, and (...)

    NEW ZEALAND: On private Great Mercury Island off the northeast coast, archaeologists are excavating an early Maori site—dating to the second half of the 14th century, perhaps just decades after Polynesian seafarers first arrived. It appears to be a small fishing settlement, marked by thousands (...)

  • Review of "Myths of the Rune Stone" by David M. Krueger
    Myths of the Runestone / David M. KrugerUniversity of Minnesota Press | 2015 | 224 pages | $36.99 paperback / $130.99 cloth Since the 1830s, scholars have accepted that the Norse were likely the first Europeans to have reached North America, around 1000 CE, and after the discovery of a Viking (...)

  • Chimpanzees Shed Light on Origins of Human Walking
    A research team led by Stony Brook University investigating human and chimpanzee locomotion have uncovered unexpected similarities in the way the two species use their upper body during two-legged...

mardi 6 octobre 2015

  • World War II Spitfire Wreckage Excavated
    CAMBRIDGESHIRE, ENGLAND—A team made up of researchers from Oxford Archaeology East, the Defense Archaeology Group, Operation Nightingale, and Historic England is recovering a World War II-era aircraft that crashed into what is now the Great Fen Nature Reserve. Pilot Officer Harold Edwin Penketh (...)

  • Neolithic Earthwork Uncovered in England
    OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND—A Neolithic earthwork consisting of three roughly concentric ditches enclosing an area of high ground overlooking the valley of the River Thame has been discovered by archaeologists from Oxford Archaeology and Cotswold Archaeology. Called a causewayed enclosure, such (...)

  • Homo naledi May Have Been Able to Walk, Climb, and Use Tools
    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA—A study of the Homo naledi foot and hand suggests that this early human relative, discovered by the Rising Star Expedition team in a cave in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, may have been able to climb trees, walk upright, and manipulate tools. Based upon (...)

  • Secrets of the Second World War revealed in the Great Fen
    A week-long excavation, to unearth a Mark 1 Spitfire which crashed at Holme Lode in the Great Fen, on 22 November, 1940.

  • Foot fossils of human relative illustrate evolutionary ‘messiness’ of bipedal walking
    A new study on Homo naledi, the extinct human relative whose remains were discovered in a South African cave and introduced to the world last month, suggests that although its feet were the most...

  • The hand and foot of Homo naledi
    The second set of papers related to the remarkable discovery of Homo naledi, a new species of human relative, have been published in scientific journal, Nature Communications, on Tuesday, 6 October...

  • Tuesday Round Up: Occult Senate Candidate, Catholic Rune Stone Supporters, and an "Alien" Idol
    I have a few odds and ends to discuss today beginning with the weird story that a libertarian senate candidate in Florida is a follower of the Thelema religion of Aleister Crowley and sacrificed a goat and drank its blood. The 32-year-old lawyer legally changed his name to Augustus Sol (...)

  • Settlements and the Urban: Architecture and Archaeology in America and Europe
    INAH is hosting a symposium in Cancun next year: Settlements and the Urban: Architecture and Archaeology in America and Europe Symposium 16-18th of May 2016 Changes of human settlements over the last decades have been quite dramatic, and there is an expanding bibliography on settlements and the (...)

    Na poziv Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti u dijaspori (HAZUD) sa sjedištem u Baselu, (Švicarska) pronalazač bosanskih piramida dr. Semir Osmanagić je prihvatio poziv da postane njenim članom. Time je stekao pravo na naslov: Hrvatski akademik HAZUD-a. Glavni odbor Hrvatske akademije znanosti (...)

    U glavnom gradu španske Katalonije, Barceloni, u hotelu “Gallery”, održana je 3. oktobra 2015.  međunarodna konferencija “Skrivena historija čovječanstva” (“Congreso Historia Oculta de la Humanidad”). Predavači su bili iz Španije (Jose Luiz Gimenez), Francuske (Xavier Seguin), SAD (Dan Winter), Meksika (Dr. (...)

    Knjigu dr. Semira Osmanagića “Sve piramide svijeta i Bosanska dolina piramida” objavio je na španskom jeziku izdavač “Obelisco” iz Barcelone. U cetvrtak 1. oktobra 2015. “Obelisco” je imao predstavljanje knjige za domaću publiku, u najvećoj knjižari Barcelone “Casa del Libro” (Rumbla Catalunya). U (...)

    Truth about Bosnian Pyramids by Bernd Pfeiffer

  • Washtenaw County mammoth find hints at role of early humans
    A team of University of Michigan paleontologists were able to recover about 20 percent of the animal's bones, including the skull and two tusks, numerous vertebrae and ribs, the pelvis and both...

lundi 5 octobre 2015

  • Turtle-Shaped Tomb Discovered in China
    TAIYUAN, CHINA—Xinhua News Service reports that a rare turtle-shaped tomb was discovered in north China’s Shanxi Province during the construction of a new house in Shangzhuang Village. The 800-year-old tomb has an octagonal burial chamber and five small rooms resembling a turtle’s legs and head. (...)

  • Men in 9th-C. Mass Grave May Have Been a Raiding Party
    DAVIS, CALIFORNIA—The remains of seven men, discovered in a mass grave at a construction site outside San Francisco in 2012, have been studied by a team led by Jelmer Eerkens of the University of California, Davis. All of the men, who were between the ages of 18 and 40 at the time of death some (...)

  • 2,400-Year-Old Temple Found in Cairo
    CAIRO, EGYPT—A team of Egyptian and German archaeologists discovered the remains of a limestone colonnade and a well-preserved ceiling in Cairo’s modern district of Mataria. The 2,400-year-old building is thought to have been a shrine that was surrounded by a mud brick wall and located in the (...)

  • Butchered Mammoth Bones Unearthed in Michigan
    ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN—About 20 percent of an adult male mammoth that lived between 11,700 and 15,000 years ago was excavated by a team from the University of Michigan from a farmer’s field in southern Michigan. The skull, tusks, numerous vertebrae and ribs, and parts of the pelvis and shoulder (...)

  • Did a French Egyptologist Find an Alien's Stasis Chamber in the Great Pyramid in 1988?
    I’ve mentioned before that a website called Ancient Code is a crappy, buggy, ad-laden load of clickbait written by an author with limited command of English, but it’s also a prominent source of frequently updated ancient astronaut claims. On Friday, the site published an article on a topic I (...)

    Prvi jesenji dani donose igru oblaka, magle i Bosanske piramide Sunca. Na ovoj fotografiji, vrh piramide izranja iznad oblaka kao vrh ledenog brijega.gallery10338/gallery

dimanche 4 octobre 2015

samedi 3 octobre 2015

vendredi 2 octobre 2015

  • Native American Remains Unearthed in Alaska
    HAINES, ALASKA—A delivery of dirt for constructing new aviaries at the American Bald Eagle Foundation contained part of a human skull, according to a report from Alaska Public Media. At first, the volunteers who discovered the bone did not recognize what they had found. “Everyone was pretty much (...)


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samedi 12 juillet 2014

De Dominique Jongbloed, à propos des analyses pour lesquelles il réclame 10 000 euros à ses fans :

La présidente de NORDSUD INSTITUTE propose de soumettre également les frais de laboratoires au gouvernement de Bosnie-Herzégovine ... Comme un fan avisé l’a dit quelque part dans les pages :" après tout c’est surtout eux qui bénéficieront des retombées économiques"...

Oui, bien sûr... Coût estimé des inondations et glissements de terrain en Bosnie : 2 milliards d’euros ( Ils n’auront sûrement rien de plus pressé que de payer des analyses de cailloux dont tous les géologues locaux ont déjà confirmé qu’il s’agissait de grès ou de conglomérat...

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mercredi 11 décembre 2013

De Dominique Jongbloed, "l’Aventurier", sur sa page Facebook, à propos des "fréquences" décelées autour des "pyramides" de Bosnie :

"On ne sait pas si la fréquence électromagnétique est [...] une sorte d’amplification de la partie électromagnétique de l’onde ultrasonore !!"

Bêtisier 12 : la preuve par l’absence

mardi 26 mars 2013

De Jacques Grimault, auteur du film "La Révélation des Pyramides", parlant de "l’écriture des chiffres" léguée selon lui aux hommes par les mystérieux "bâtisseurs" des pyramides :

C’est parce que ces prêtres écrivaient uniquement dans le sable, l’argile ou sur des tablettes de cire lorsqu’ils s’entretenaient de choses sacrées et secrètes, qu’elle n’a pas pu être observée d’un point de vue documentaire dans les fouilles éthno-archéologiques

C’est vrai après tout, on n’a jamais retrouvé qu’à peine plus de 500 000 tablettes d’argile ou de cire antiques...

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lundi 2 mai 2011

De Mensur Omerbashich, roi de Bosnie et autres terres :

"Il est ici démontré que la gravité est une vibration mécanique répulsive de l’éther, ce qui signifie que les expériences de détection de l’éther ne sont pas encore assez sensibles."

"Pour tester ma théorie je propose qu’une mission spatiale aille collecter sur place des mesures des periodes propres du Soleil, de ses planètes et de leurs satellites."