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jeudi 13 août 2015

  • Built by the Ancients: The Fojnica River in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, August 5, 2015
    On August 5, 2015, writer and videographer Jock Doubleday journeyed to the Fojnica River, which winds through the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Visoko, Bosnia. He found ancient artificial structural adhered clay layers, and some ancient concrete, forming riverbanks and the riverbed for the Fojnica (...)

  • Gun Carriage Recovered From The London
    ESSEX, ENGLAND—A 350-year old gun carriage has been brought to the surface from the wreckage of The London, the warship that in 1660 carried Charles II from the Netherlands to restore him to the throne of England. The ship blew up in 1665 when gunpowder that had been stored on board caught fire. (...)

mercredi 12 août 2015

  • 15th-Century “Sea Monster” Lifted from Baltic Sea
    FLEMINGSBERG, SWEDEN—The figurehead of a fifteenth-century warship that belonged to Denmark’s King Hans has been lifted from the Baltic Sea by a team from Blekinge Museum and Södertörn University. The creature, carved at the end of an 11-foot-long beam, has lion ears and a crocodile-like mouth (...)

  • My "Afternoon Commute" Appearance, Plus Pre-Adamites!
    In lieu of a lengthy blog post today, I have a brief discussion of a new article about Pre-Adamites, and I’d like to direct you to The Afternoon Commute, where you can download my appearance on the podcast last night. You can also stream it below. We spoke for about two hours. The first hour was (...)

  • Ancient Skeleton May Represent Female Warrior
    ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN—The Telegraph reports that skeletal remains believed to have belonged to a woman who lived between the eleventh century B.C. and the fourth century A.D. have been unearthed in southern Kazakhstan. She had been buried with arrows, a small knife placed near her right hand, and a (...)

  • First Colony Foundation Reveals 16th-Century English Artifacts
    CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA—Pottery, a handmade nail, and an aglet from sixteenth-century clothing are evidence of the presence of early English settlers, according to a press conference held by members of the First Colony Foundation reported in The News & Observer. The artifacts were (...)

  • The evolution of….beer!
    From Austrian monks to American craft brewers, beer geeks are everywhere. But making a good beer not only depends on the best ingredients, but also the best yeast.

    Harisovi susreti Prije nekoliko dana na ulazu u Tunelski kompleks Ravne naišao je čovjek, naizgled poznatog lica, prišao mi bliže i rekao: „Harise pogodi od koga ti donosim pozdrav“?  U prvi se momenat nisam sjetio odakle se znamo. Bio sam jedino siguran da je nekad ranije već bio u Tunelu. Polako mi (...)

    Fondacija “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca” uvodi nove standarde u promociju arheološkog turizma i BiH. Fondacija već godinama sistematski pristupa promociji niza arheoloških i historijskih lokacija u Bosni i Hercegovini. Svojim gostima predstavlja kompleks piramida u Visokom praćen mrežom (...)

  • Reel World Archaeology: 300
    Welcome to Reel World Archaeology. In this series we cast an archaeologist’s eye over film and cinema and their portrayal of historical events. Today, we consider the good, the bad and...

  • Uncovering more about Scotland’s military history
    Earlier this summer, historic training trenches outside Edinburgh were the focus for an important archaeological excavation to provide a greater understanding of Scotland’s military history.

  • Unravelling the mysteries of the Mayans
    Beneath the tropical rainforests of Guatemala lies what remains of ‘one of the foremost archaeological sites in the world’ (Sharer & Traxer, 1946). Its modern name is Tikal, but when it was one...

mardi 11 août 2015

  • Army Training Trenches Unearthed in Scotland
    EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND—Archaeologists are excavating the Dreghorn trenches, which were dug by local soldiers as part of their training for battle. The training trenches were shallower than expected, but the dirt from them had been used to build ramparts, which would have provided extra protection. (...)

  • Why Are Fringe Science and History Writers So Angry?
    I’m scheduled to appear this evening on a podcast called The Afternoon Commute at I’m supposed to record the show at 6:30 PM ET (3:30 PM PT), though I’m not sure if it is broadcast live or only released as a recording. While the host represented himself as a skeptic, it (...)

  • Bell Recovered From HMS Hood
    PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND—The bell from the British battlecruiser HMS Hood has been recovered from the floor of the Denmark Strait by a team led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. In May 1941, Hood exploded and sank after it was hit by the German battleship Bismarck. Only three of the 1,418 crew (...)

  • Shipwreck May Have Belonged to Baron de Rothschild
    HAIFA, ISRAEL—A wreck discovered in 1976 may be the Baron de Rothschild’s long-lost ship, according to new research conducted by Deborah Cvikel and Micky Holtzman of the University of Haifa. The Baron had three ships that carried raw materials from France to his glass factory on the Mediterranean (...)

  • High-Tech Images Inspire New Thoughts on Tut’s Tomb
    TUSCON, ARIZONA—Nicholas Reeves, currently at the University of Arizona, was examining ultra-high resolution images of Tutankhamun’s tomb when he noticed fissures and cracks in two places on its walls. He suggests that the cracks reveal the presence of two passages that were blocked and then (...)

  • Survival Cannibalism in the North-West Passage
    A recent reassessment of the skeletal evidence from King William Island supports the 19th century reports of the local Inuit people; that members of Sir John Franklin’s failed expedition resorted to...

  • Researchers explain why the Greenwich prime meridian moved
    In 1884, a delegation of international representatives convened in Washington, D.C. to recommend that Earth’s prime meridian (the north-south line marking zero degrees longitude) should pass...

  • Questions for the Akashic Records, an Eternal Virtual Library of Past, Present, and Future, August 11, 2015
    by Jock Doubleday The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. The town of Visoko is in the foreground. The Bosna River (left) and the Fojnica River (right) join and continue downstream at the bottom of the photo. Photo by André de Smet, 2014. How many intelligences or races were involved in the (...)

  • Media Ask Whether Mesolithic Monolith Is Atlantean
    As many of you know, a broken monolith was uncovered in the waters off the coast of Sicily, and this massive piece of stone is believed to have been raised at least 9,350 years ago (though it is likely older), according to the scientists who discovered it. They speculate that the Mesolithic (...)

  • Golden House of an Emperor
    A member of the team restoring and conserving the interior of the Domus Aurea works in the Great Cryptoporticus of the palace’s east wing, a massive space with frescoed walls and ceiling vaults some 36 feet high. In no other matter did he act more wasteful than in building a house that stretched (...)

  • New Kingdom Mummies Re-Examined
    TURIN, ITALY—Scientists have taken a new high-tech look at the royal architect Kha and his wife Merit—a pair of Egyptian mummies dating to the 18th Dynasty that were discovered in the village of Deir el Medina in 1906. It had been thought that their bodies had been put through a poor (...)

  • Writing on the Church Wall
    Cley-Next-the-Sea’s 14th-century prosperity is reflected in St. Margaret’s church and its cathedral-esque proportions. The interior contains examples of medieval religious graffiti. Imagine walking into your local church, pulling a penknife from your pocket, and scratching a little drawing into (...)

  • Artifact
    What is it? Corner beam cover Culture Mongol Date 13th–14th century A.D. (Yuan Dynasty) Material Glazed baked red clay Found Xanadu, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Dimensions 7 inches high A great empire needs a great capital. In A.D. 1256, the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, founder of the Yuan (...)

  • Dr. Semir Osmanagich talks about orbs in Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, July 23, 2015
    What are orbs? Dr. Semir Osmanagich talks about the phenomenon of orbs, presently classified in "spiritual science" because institutional science has no way to categorize these beings. Dr. Osmanagich talks about how thousands of scientists, employees, and volunteers who have visited the Bosnian (...)

    Od 2. do 6. augusta 2015. u Sarajevu je održan drugi Međunarodni kamp za nogometne golmane. Treneri su doveli učesnike kampa u posjetu Podzemnom labirintu Ravne u utorak 4.augusta. Terenski geolog Fondacije “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca” Mejra Kozlo ih je primila i besplatno provela kroz (...)

lundi 10 août 2015

    Obilje aktivnosti na lokacijama Bosanske doline piramida, ove sezone je iznjedrilo još jednu. Odigrana je prijateljska nogometna utakmica u kojoj je na jednoj strani nastupao tim kombiniran od volontera iz Mađarske i uposlenika Fondacije “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca”, a na drugoj (...)

  • Advice From Antiquity
    Economic Lessons From Ancient Greece By Josiah Ober Geece’s fiscal and economic crisis has sharpened debates among economists, political scientists, and policymakers about political institutions and economic growth. Do good institutions—democracy and the rule of law—promote growth? Or are good (...)

  • “Summer Palace” Found at India’s Qutub Shahi Tombs
    HYDERABAD, INDIA—Chinese blue and white pottery dating to the sixteenth century has been unearthed at a Summer Palace discovered in the Qutub Shahi Tombs complex in southern India. “This shows that there were trade relations between the Qutub Shahi Sultanate and China,” KK Muhammed of the Aga Khan (...)

  • Large Bronze Age Fortress Discovered in Turkey
    MANISA, TURKEY—A Bronze Age settlement and fortress have been discovered in Turkey’s Gölmarmara Lake basin by an international team of archaeologists working with the Kaymakçi Archaeology Project. “This area is four times larger than the ancient site of Try in Çanakkale and the largest late Bronze (...)

  • IF: Oracle Bones (Dragon Bones)
    Welcome to In Focus. In this series we take a closer look at particular sites, finds and objects from the world of Archaeology. Today we take a look at Oracle Bones, also known as Dragon Bones.

  • How 16th Century observations paved the way for Darwin’s landmark study
    Documents dating back to the 16th Century provide a unique insight into one of Darwin's landmark studies - according to new research from the University of East Anglia.

dimanche 9 août 2015

  • On Hermes, Fallen Angels, and Anal Probing
    Today I’d like to talk about something that interested me as I was reading through medieval texts. It’s a little dry, so if you make it through, I’ll finish up with what I believe to be the only ancient text to record an “alien” anal probing. And yes, I found it before Ancient Aliens, because they (...)

  • Online PDF File of Folklore of Footprints In Stone paper
    Online PDF File of Folklore of Footprints In Stone paperHi, The PDF version of a very interesting paper about the folklore of fossil footprints is online. the paper is: Mayor, Adrienne , and William A.S. Sarjeant, 2001, The Folklore of Footprints In Stone: From Classical Antiquity to the (...)

samedi 8 août 2015

  • Review of Ancient Aliens S08E03 "Aliens and Robots"
    In his closing remarks as host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart spoke about his overriding leitmotif, his concern that politicians and cable news were filling America with bullshit. His words were equally applicable to the bullshit spun by advertisers, hucksters, and most of what passes for cable (...)

  • Zecharia Sitchin's Nephilim Rocket Claims Turn Up in a Botswanan News Site
    We’ve seen many different variations of the Nephilim myth in fringe history—everything from fallen angels to aliens to Bigfoot—so it isn’t surprising that there’s also an Afrocentric interpretation of the Nephilim. This one comes to us from L. M. Leteane, a writer in Botswana who earlier this year (...)

vendredi 7 août 2015

  • Final Christogram Fragment Found in Bishop’s Basilica
    SANDANSKI, BULGARIA—A fragment of a sixth-century marble slab bearing a Christian symbol has been recovered at the so-called Bishop’s Basilica in the ancient city of Parthicopolis in southwestern Bulgaria. The pieces of the image have been unearthed over the past 25 years and assembled by (...)

  • Monolith Discovered in the Sicilian Channel
    TRIESTE, ITALY—Discovery News reports that Zvi Ben-Avraham of Tel Aviv University and Emanuele Lodolo of the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics in Trieste, have discovered a monolith in deep water, resting on a spot that was once an island off the coast of Sicily. The (...)

  • Road Unearthed at Battle of Fulford Site
    FULFORD, ENGLAND—A team of archaeologists and volunteers has found a road at the site of the Battle of Fulford, fought on September 20, 1066. An invading Viking army led by King Harold Hardrada, assisted by Tostig Godwinson, the Earl of Northumbria, defeated Saxon troops from Mercia and (...)

  • Tulane archaeologists help unearth key Maya monuments
    Archaeologists with the La Corona Regional Archaeological Project in Guatemala, who in 2012 discovered the second known reference to the so-called “end date” of the Maya calendar, have made more...

  • Built by the Ancients: The Fojnica River in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex
    by: Jock Doubleday On August 5, 2015, writer and videographer Jock Doubleday journeyed to the Fojnica River, which winds through the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Visoko, Bosnia.He found ancient artificial structural adhered clay layers, and some ancient concrete, forming riverbanks and the (...)

    Preliminarna analiza novog programa Fondacije “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca” pod nazivom “Ekspedicije na bosanske piramide s volontiranjem” pokazuje potpuni uspjeh. Prva polovina programa je već realizirana: tokom juna i jula 2015. Fondacija je ugostila prvih pet Ekspedicija. Domaćini u (...)

  • Ken Rohla on purpose of pyramids
    "What a pyramid is, is an antenna that picks up high-frequency energy coming from the cosmos and brings it into, creates, a localized field. And it also creates a vortex of energy up through the tip. That type of energy is super-high-frequency. It's so high-frequency that it cannot be measured (...)

    „Zemlja glinenih vrhova – Zemlja Mu – bila je žrtvovana. Dvaput izdignuta, stalno potresana podzemnom vatrom, ona je nestala u moru za vrijeme noći... sa njenih 64.000 stanovnika, 8060 godina prije nego je napisana ova knjiga...“ Prastara vjerovanja Kada vam se pruži prilika da istražujete na (...)

  • The Colossal Cave – Hang Son Doong
    Drone footage captures the beauty of one of the world's largest caves, containing dense jungles, immense cliffs and its own climate.

  • Testimonials from Visitors to the Bosnian Pyramid Complex
    Admissions house at the entrance to Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth in Visoko, Bosnia. Entrance to prehistoric Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth in Visoko, Bosnia. HEALING TESTIMONIALS "From: Linda Adams [] 
 Sent: 01 July 2015
Subject: Bosnian Summer Solstice 
We enjoyed everything so (...)

  • Paul McGuire: Interdimensional Nephilim Cross-Breed with Humans to Create Satanic Robot Apocalypse
    At first I thought I’d write today about an Egyptian hotelier who has modeled his hotel on the Osirion at Abydos in order to promote mystical “healing” properties he believes are inherent in the ancient temple. This is actually a medieval belief from the Islamic period, but what interested me is (...)

  • Bones of the victims at Roman Herculaneum
    Are human remains the archaeology of death or the archaeology of life? This strange paradox stated in Pearson (1999), addresses that the surviving bones, tissues and skin are more likely to reveal...

jeudi 6 août 2015

  • Bronze Age Walkway Discovered in England
    LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND—Volunteers with the Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN), who are trained to record and monitor archaeological sites in danger of eroding away, have discovered a wooden track thought to be 4,000 years old. Such trackways were used to cross boggy (...)


Bêtisier 14

samedi 12 juillet 2014

De Dominique Jongbloed, à propos des analyses pour lesquelles il réclame 10 000 euros à ses fans :

La présidente de NORDSUD INSTITUTE propose de soumettre également les frais de laboratoires au gouvernement de Bosnie-Herzégovine ... Comme un fan avisé l’a dit quelque part dans les pages :" après tout c’est surtout eux qui bénéficieront des retombées économiques"...

Oui, bien sûr... Coût estimé des inondations et glissements de terrain en Bosnie : 2 milliards d’euros ( Ils n’auront sûrement rien de plus pressé que de payer des analyses de cailloux dont tous les géologues locaux ont déjà confirmé qu’il s’agissait de grès ou de conglomérat...

Bêtisier 13

mercredi 11 décembre 2013

De Dominique Jongbloed, "l’Aventurier", sur sa page Facebook, à propos des "fréquences" décelées autour des "pyramides" de Bosnie :

"On ne sait pas si la fréquence électromagnétique est [...] une sorte d’amplification de la partie électromagnétique de l’onde ultrasonore !!"

Bêtisier 12 : la preuve par l’absence

mardi 26 mars 2013

De Jacques Grimault, auteur du film "La Révélation des Pyramides", parlant de "l’écriture des chiffres" léguée selon lui aux hommes par les mystérieux "bâtisseurs" des pyramides :

C’est parce que ces prêtres écrivaient uniquement dans le sable, l’argile ou sur des tablettes de cire lorsqu’ils s’entretenaient de choses sacrées et secrètes, qu’elle n’a pas pu être observée d’un point de vue documentaire dans les fouilles éthno-archéologiques

C’est vrai après tout, on n’a jamais retrouvé qu’à peine plus de 500 000 tablettes d’argile ou de cire antiques...

Bêtisier 11

lundi 2 mai 2011

De Mensur Omerbashich, roi de Bosnie et autres terres :

"Il est ici démontré que la gravité est une vibration mécanique répulsive de l’éther, ce qui signifie que les expériences de détection de l’éther ne sont pas encore assez sensibles."

"Pour tester ma théorie je propose qu’une mission spatiale aille collecter sur place des mesures des periodes propres du Soleil, de ses planètes et de leurs satellites."